Porsche Macan EV: BMW iX rival gets Taycan-inspired interior

Next-generation electric Porsche SUV gets three screens for the driver and front passenger and as much as 600bhp

Porsche has just unveiled the interior of its forthcoming Macan EV, with the electric sports SUV getting a tech-filled cabin with multiple screens that’s heavily influenced by the sleeker Porsche Taycan saloon.

The Porsche Macan EV is due to arrive in 2024, and is the much-anticipated replacement for the first generation petrol model that debuted a decade ago – although both the new EV and current ICE versions will be sold alongside each other for a period of time after launch.

Joining an increasingly large and competitive premium EV SUV segment, the Macan EV will go head-to-head with other driver-focused electric SUVs, such as the Lotus Eletre, BMW iX and Polestar 4, plus the forthcoming Audi Q6 e-tron with which the Porsche will share many of its parts.

Porsche Macan EV: interior and technology

Those who have spent any time in the Porsche Taycan – or even the facelifted Porsche Cayenne for that matter – will instantly feel at home inside the new Macan EV. As is the case in both these cars, the Porsche Macan EV’s interior will centre around a curved digital instrument cluster and a 12.3-inch central touchscreen, plus an optional touchscreen solely for the front passenger.

Some elements from the previous-generation Macan remain, including the knurled switches for the climate controls, the Porsche 911-style steering wheel and the analogue Sports Chrono clock/lap timer on top of the dashboard. We can see, however, that the new Macan’s interior does feature ambient lighting much more prominently than the outgoing model, while the gear selector has been relocated next to the steering wheel – just like in the Taycan.

Having previously driven prototypes of the new Porsche Macan EV, we’re pleased to report that the sports SUV’s superb driving position has survived the transition to electric power, as has the perceived quality of the cabin. That said, we’ll hold out our final verdict on the latter until we get to drive a full production-spec model in 2024.


The exterior design of the new Porsche Macan EV remains under wraps for now, although having driven prototypes and seen several models testing under camouflage, we have a pretty good idea of what to expect.

Spy photographs showcase how the Macan EV has a much more rakish silhouette than its predecessor, more akin to the hybrid-powered Porsche Cayenne Coupe. While this might be a concern for buyers, Dominik Hartmann, the car’s chief chassis engineer, told DrivingElectric, “I’m over 6ft 4in and I’m very comfortable in the rear cabin. We’re confident we have made gains in the packaging there.”

At the front, the Macan EV gets the Taycan’s rectangular headlight design, with the same four-point LED running light signature. The rear is dominated by a full-width light bar – as is the case with the outgoing petrol model – as well as a deployable bootlid spoiler, while wheel sizes of up to 22 inches will be available.

Range and specifications

As mentioned, the Porsche Macan EV is set to sit on an entirely new platform, named PPE, which it’ll share with the upcoming Audi Q6 e-tron. When it eventually goes on sale, buyers will be able to choose from two variants: the standard Macan EV and the top-of-the-range Turbo.

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Both versions will get two electric motors – one on each axle – to provide four-wheel drive. The base Porsche Macan EV is set to be good for anything between 300-350bhp and, from our experience, provides a plentiful amount of poke for most buyers. The Turbo, on the other hand, will serve-up more than 600bhp and should be more than a match for the fastest versions of the BMW iX.

While entry-level Macan EVs will have to make-do with steel springs and adaptive PASM dampers, Turbo models will get more sophisticated air suspension, as well as an electronically controlled limited-slip differential on the rear axle. Rear -wheel steering will also be offered as an optional extra – ideal for buyers looking to manoeuvre their Macan around tight city streets.

Exact battery specifications are yet to be confirmed, but we know usable capacity will sit around 100kWh. Despite this, Porsche has claimed a slightly disappointing range of around 310 miles is possible in the PPE platform, which is quite a bit behind the 373 miles possible in the Lotus Eletre. Still, an 800v architecture will allow for ultra-rapid charging at speeds of up to 270kW.

The Porsche Macan EV is set to be revealed very soon and is likely to go on sale in the Spring/Summer of 2024. It’s difficult to pinpoint pricing at the moment, but you can expect the new electric Macan will start from much higher than the base 2.0-litre petrol Macan’s £53,400 price tag. 

Hello there, I’m Tom Jervis and I have the pleasure of being the Content Editor here at DrivingElectric. Before joining the team in 2023, I spent my time reviewing cars and offering car buying tips and advice on DrivingElectric’s sister site, Carbuyer. I also continue to occasionally contribute to the AutoExpress magazine – another of DrivingElectric’s partner brands. In a past life, I worked for the BBC as a journalist and broadcast assistant for regional services in the east of England – constantly trying to find stories that related to cars!


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